Optimistic resistance

When I am writing this I just finished up an interview with Redice.tv. Me and Henrik Palmgren had a great conversation about masculinity, paleo and the decline of the west. At the end of the second part of the interview (only for members), we touched on the subject of staying positive in the face of resistance.

When we are living in opposition to many facets of the modern world, its easy to be boggled down with all the negative ”progression” in society. But there are very positive aspects of understanding how we have strayed from the ways of our ancestors, tradition and organic community.

Better choices for life

Understanding that the blessings of family are superior to perpetual hedonism. That a healthy lifestyle with natural food, sleep and movement is superior to sloth and gluttony. That ethnic pride and awareness is superior to self-loathing and unjustified guilt. All these things converted to action actually gives us an edge over the rest of society when it comes to:

Self actualization, fullfilment, purpose and a sense of belonging. We can fulfill our potential by honoring the gifts of our ancestors, by becoming who we really are.

An opportunity to lead by example

When we use our knowledge of a superior way to live compared with the mainstream ideals, it gives us an opportunity to become rolemodels for our communities and the sleeping masses. We can not compete with the mainstream when it comes to instant gratification, virtuesignaling or financial rewards. But we can compete with better ideas, ideals and a vision of a better future.

Stoic awareness and positive outlook

Of course its important to recognize the problems and challenges around us, and we should be grateful to those who are trying to raise our awareness about these issues. But I also believe we should try to face these problems with a stoic calm and focus more on possibilites than the things we can not change, like in the serenity prayer.

If we wish to be a viable alternative to the current trends, we must be able to offer more than whining and grievances. A way of Life that is more fulfilling, a more complete and comprehensible worldview and not the least hope for the future.

My contributions to the cause

I am planning to do more writing and also vlogging in English in the near future. Obviously english is not my native language, so I hope my readers have indulgence with my flaws. My main writing is in swedish and that is where I have the biggest reach. But I wish to contribute to the wider pro-european movement and the manosphere, and my wish is also to bring a more positive outlook on our endeavour.


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